Future Leaders

Moonshot Pirates.


Our Vision

there are millions of paraplegic and legless people around the world who suffer in their daily life and we think that everyone deserves a normal and equal life besides a decent job


The Proposal

everyone deserves a decent job and a normal life that's why we came up with this idea, of making something close to an exoskeleton to allow these people to move and have a decent life


The Methods

by pushing some buttons u can move in any direction you want besides the gears use pressure to provide safe walking without slipping and climbing objects and because we care a lot we add the ability to customise the designs they prefer 


Getting Help

Heyy its future leaders' services manager if you have any suggestions to improve the design to fit your needs please don't hesitate & send us a mail we will be glad receiving your opinions and suggestions

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Everyone shall be treated equally.

Moonshot Pirates